• Yoni Levy

What to expect from Jerusalem


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Sander Crombach, Stacey Franco, Toa Heftiba, Esther Wechsler, Adam Kring, Dan Gold, Chana Gold, Rade Šaptović, Joshua Sukoff, Dave Herring, Arno Smit, Robert Bye, Toa Heftiba, Levi Clancy, Mauricio Artieda, Radu Marcusu, Tim Mossholder, Peter Aschoff, Naaman Frenkel, Christian Burri, Adam Jang, Kai Pilger, and more

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- Pictures by Yoni Levy

About the writer, Yoni Levy:

4 years experience in the Israeli tourism field, focusing on Jerusalem. Co-founder of a local NGO in Jerusalem named Lissan.

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