3 reasons to book a Virtual Tour today!

Last week I did my first virtual tour with the wonderful Itamar Motek Learner. The registration was super easy, very affordable and he was completely available for assistance. We visited the Masada Fortress, a UNESCO sight and one of Israel's most visited tourist destinations. I have been there a handful of times during my time in Israel but this was a unique experience. Here are 3 reasons you should join a virtual tour today! 1. You can learn so much history in a short amount of time. Many times I have embarked on a tour intending to expand my historical knowledge only to find that after the bus ride, a hike and a couple of hours under the sun my focus level is way too low to grasp anything important. With virtual tours you can retain so much history and all while holding a glass of wine from the comfort of your own home. The tour started with a quick introduction, a great aerial shot of the mountain and continued with a detailed breakdown of each structure. Accompanied with a variety of maps and images, the virtual tour allows for a 360° grasp on the historical narrative while satisfying our modern day need to be constantly stimulated.

Photo by Itamar Learner

2. Being part of a virtual tour is a fascinating experience! From all over the globe we connect and use the most modern technology to investigate and discuss 2000 year old archaeological sites. Lets just take a second to realize how amazing that is!!! Israeli’s archaeology sights are especially enlightening as they perfectly fit into the biblical context and provide deep insight into ancient Judaism, culture and ritual. The virtual graphics along with reference to data gives a more precise idea about how these iconic places would have looked like at the time and provides a completely fresh perspective on historical sites.

Photo by Laura Siegal on Unsplash

3. Connect to the Holy land. If you are missing your dose of the Holy land, I couldn’t suggest anything better than having an entertaining, captivating storyteller with a lovable Israeli accent to guide you through the world's most incredible sights. Itamar is one of several Israeli tour guides who are now offering virtual tours across Israel, the West Bank and Petra.

As we all adjust to new limitations of life and travel our local and international community has started to come together and explore new ways to connect. Its is a beautiful way to show support to local tour guides and contribute to the Israeli-West Bank tourism industry which has come to a complete standstill due to covid19. A virtual tour is an awesome activity for families, youth groups, organizations and all Israel loving people. In just one hour you can experience and do so much good. You can book with Itamar directly on his website www.tourworld.online

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About the writer, Tay Eskin

Tay Eskin studied art at Tel-Hai College in Israel. With a background in tourism, she currently works as a package tours leader at Abraham Hostels & Tours.

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