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Rating hotels by stars in Israel

Before choosing a hotel, you should first know what you are looking for...

Hotel’s star ratings generally refer to food services, entertainment, views, lobby and room size, spa, gym, pool, and location. Travelers should ask themselves if it is important for them to have facilities such as a gym, room service, and doorman, or whether a comfortable bed and hot shower after a long day of traveling is enough. 

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Hotel ratings are used to classify hotels according to their quality. Most rating systems use stars. As the number of stars of the hotel increases, it is considered more prestigious. However, there are a variety of rating programs and there is no international consistency. For example, a 5-star place in a European city is not the same as a 5-star place in an Israeli or American city. Typically, the hotel's rating refers to when the hotel offers more services so it is rated higher. The ratings are intended to help guests know what types of services and what level of service they will receive before booking.

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When booking a 5-star hotel in Israel, for example, you may expect to have a pool, but it is no longer guaranteed to find a spa or room service in the hotel.

In order to know the nature of the hotel, the best way is to read reviews from travelers who have visited and stayed there.

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

Furthermore, you need to do identify your priorities. Do you prefer to visit the city or stay most of the time in the hotel? If you are looking for the Israeli experience, it is better to save the money for a fancy hotel and book a modest hotel with good reviews. The money you save you can spend on a tour in the historical site of the area :)

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Check booking.com's reviews in order to find valid information about hotels

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4 years experience in the Israeli tourism field, focusing on Jerusalem. Co-founder of a local NGO in Jerusalem named Lissan.

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