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Your next adventure, The Israel National Trail

To become a tour-guide you have to study for a couple of years, go on tens of field trips and learn to summarize a lot of history. The studies are hard and the amount of knowledge is endless. Like many students, I finished the course drained and craving for some TLC-travel. The moment I finished my studies I embarked on a journey called the Israel National trail. According to The National Geographic it is one of the top 20 long trails in the world. It was established in 1995 and is currently 1030 Km. It goes through forests, deserts, passes by seas and beautiful beaches. Trust me, you want to experience that.

The first thing you might be concerned about is the 1030 km, I was too. The thing is this trail teaches you to look at things differently. Its not 1030 km, its 25 km a day, or 12 km before lunch. The trail teaches you to break down scary tasks into bite size pleasures. 

Your next concern may be about your physical abilities. Will you be able to take on such a challenge? You will get blisters, you will finish with sore knees, you may get sunburn and you may shiver from cold at night- but the answer is YES, you can! This trail was hiked by beginners and pros. The youngest hiker that I met on the trail was celebrating his Bar Mitzva- he was 13 and the oldest were two ladies over the age of 70. Will you need to take into account a good sleeping bag, great hiking shoes and band-aids for blisters? Yes, but will it be worth it? TOTALLY.

Photo by Anna Kreynin

You might worry about getting lost or that because you aren't Israeli, you don't have that inner travel compass (we don't actually have an inner compass) but the trail mark is actually great. Its very visible in the desert but less so in the greener areas- however you will have a signal there and GPS. There is also the incredible INT app. Will you get lost at times? for sure, will these be the best stories of the trail? YAS.

Photo by Anna Kreynin

If you are wondering about the wandering logistics (see what i did there?!) take into account that you will spent most nights in a tent and you will need food and water to last because there are no supply shops on this trail. BUT, there are good people. Your logistics options are as follows: Trail angels - People that live close by to the trail and open their houses to travelers to shower (AHHH YASSS!) get supplies, sleep in a bed or just meet up for coffee once the sun goes down. Water services - You spend a month in the desert. a desert is defined by lack of water. You need water to survive. Hence you pay a person with a jeep to bury some water for you (in bottles) mid way so it will be fresh and cool and awaiting you when you reach that part of the trail.

Logistic support companies - These companies take on all the logistics to make sure that every evening you'll have a shower, a supply of drinking water, supplies to cook with for supper and lunch for the next day, they even hook you up with a mattress to sleep on. Best part? they have a truck that carries your bag from place to place (personally, I have walked the trail with such a company and can recommend them - walkaboutlove).

Photo by Anna Kreynin

So, if you are looking for a challenge, a soul-peeler, an adventure, a chance to meet people that you will love forever, if you are looking for your next tattoo literal or metaphorical (I got an actual one) the INT awaits. The seasons to hike the trail are either March-May or September-November. Get ready for Fall season, and reach out if you have any questions.

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About the writer, Anna Kreynin

Anna is a licensed tour guide, an artist, a french fry eater, a dog petter and above all a storyteller. She is in love with Jerusalem and she can tell you all about it.




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