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Traveling from the airport to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem …?

Every time travelers ask us to book a transfer from the airport to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, we explain that we do not have such a service.

It is because there are so many good options to travel from the airport to the main cities in Israel, that there is no reason for hotels to operate private shuttles.

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Moreover, whichever way you choose, you can get more information about it in the Tourism Ministry's official information desk at the airport. The information desk is located right after the passport control in the baggage claim hall. The information desk is completely free!

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Remember that in Israel buses and trains do not work on Saturdays and Jewish holidays.

The most convenient way: Taxi (Fare Calculator)

The taxi will take you from the airport directly to your hotel.

Around 150 NIS to Tel Aviv and 250 NIS Jerusalem.

Taxis can be found on the first and second floors of the airport exit.

The fastest way: Train (Israel Railways)

13 NIS to Tel Aviv and 16 NIS to Jerusalem

The train can be found on the underground floor

The train is limited and you will probably need to take a taxi inside the city from the train station to your hotel.

*The train does not work at night and Shabbat.

The most affordable way: Bus (Moovit)

Line 445, 13 NIS to Tel Aviv and line 480, 16 NIS to Jerusalem.

445 to Tel Aviv goes through the city center and may be able to drop you right near your hotel. Line 480 will drop you at the entrance to Jerusalem, from where you can easily get on the tram and continue to your hotel.

Bonus: Shared taxi from Airport to Jerusalem (Nesher)

You can take a shared taxi (Sherut in Hebrew) from the airport for any address in Jerusalem for 70 NIS each passenger.

Ask where are the shared taxis to Jerusalem when you are getting out of the airport.

*The shared taxies work 24/7 also on Shabbat.

Still not sure what is the best way for you, leave a message and we will get back to you with a free consultation: theilholiday@gmail.com or log in to our website: https://www.theilholiday.com/

About the writer, Yoni Levy:

4 years experience in the Israeli tourism field, focusing on Jerusalem. Co-founder of a local NGO in Jerusalem named Lissan.

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